The Digital currency for Spanvent artist booking agency.
dividends share
payment currency
high demanding value

ICO launch in

Currently in Pre-sale period for 8000 SPAN per Ether no bonus.
Current Rate SPAN 8000 : 1 Ether


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ABOUT Span Coin

Span Coin is the digital currency of Spanvent booking agency platform. Project for music, musicians, artists and events, Span Coin is contributing in development of the project but it also stand as shareholding in IPO at release, fixed amount of total supply at ICO will reflect in the amount of shares released into market, non the less Span Coin is a trad-able currency, payment method and required to use in functions of the booking platform, Users holding Span Coins are entitled to claim profit share made by the company every quarter year in ether coins. the smart contract is designed to distribute profit and make the calculations to each user matching the conditions.
Spanvent has huge marketing opportunity as one of its kind offering a booking platform for artists in addition to music tracks sale, billions of dollars are used in the field each year, thus spanvent will be taking part in cutting costs and time to provide a better use, ease of service and income to investors holding span coins as shareholders in the company.
Buying Span Coin at ICO will give you bonus coins, Investors to participate in an existing and moneymaking business that is at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth.

Name Span Coin
Purchase Options ETH payment through ETH Wallet
Total supply 50,000,000 Coins
Current Price SPAN 8000 : 1 Ether
Minimum Purchase 100 SPAN
Maximum Purchase No limit
Minimum Cap No Min Cap, Project is under development either way
Maximum Cap No Max Cap, Coins will circulate in purchase & payment

Distribution & Usage

A total of 50.000.000 Span Coins are the total supply, 3 million are entitled for bounty and marketing camptaign, 2% for developers and 4% for initial investors of ICO. funds are being used for development, marketing of Span Coin and extention marketing for Spanvent project, Legal including world wide registeration, Structure of the company and paying salaries, legal document and small portion for miscilanious payments.

  • development 40
  • Marketing 20
  • Misc 10
  • Structure 25
  • Legal 5

Read full details about Span Coin and Spanvent here.

What Is ICO

There are many advantages to buying and using Span Coin. beside the great value that Span coin will return, Coin holders will be able to withdraw share profit from the company in addition to using the coin in the business platform as method of payment. SPAN ICO comes with bonus value and pre-service to buyers.


All transactions are executed over blockchain, making secure and bringing full transparency to customers and investors, all details of the contract and coin could be seen on


Decentralized contract and application costumed to use sell, transfer and buy span coin and us them in spanvent platform to pay for services and buy product insuring the safety and security of the currency


Span Coin is supported by certified wallets of Ethereum like my ether wallet, ledger and metamask in addition Span Coin is currently developing its own wallet but for the mean time we recommend the usage of metamask

Profit Share

Span Coin stand as Shareholding in Spanvent project therefore you earn profit from the company, Spanvent is a company registered trade mark as international booking agency

Music & Artists gateway

Span Coin is built for a project already under development for Music release, Not Just Music Spanvent the project of Span Coin work on connecting artists and musicians

Market Opportunity

Span Coin is a currency for first of its kind project connecting music, artists, composers and musicians all together in one place as booking agency and talents hub to release their tracks or find job hiring.

Road Map

Span Coin project started October 2017, however Spanvent project idea started Q1 2017 the integration of blockchain and creation of span coin came at later stage. development is taking place non stop to prepare both project and keep them in best condition. We are in process of facilitating trading with Span coin using automated trading tools that rocks the crypto trading market. One such notable software is the Quantum AI app, that uses AI algorithms and have fast data processing mechanisms to make high profits. This excellent software guarantees successful trading.

Idea of blockchain integration, Span Coin idea, structure and whitepaper register

Q4 2017

Span Coin Smart Contract (design, security and deployment), company registration process

Q1 2018

ICO Launch, Adding funds to business, Legal structure,

Q2 2018

Development of Span Wallet linked to Spanvent platfrom and Span Coin platform, continue development in spanvent platform

Q3 2018

ICO Calendar

Span Coin sale dates and estimated value

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Bonus Sold Status
2018-03-01 2018-04-24 5000000 Coin 8000 per Ether 0 %
2018-04-25 2018-05-25 20000000 Coin 4000 per Ether 25 %
2018-05-26 2018-06-26 10000000 Coin 2000 per Ether 25 %
2018-06-27 2018-07-30 10000000 Coin 2000 per Ether 15 %
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Our Partners

We are negotiating with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges like bitcoin circuit plattform to feature Span Coin immediately after the ICO has finished.

[email protected]

Our Awesome Team

Span coin & Spanvent team is expanding very often. to join us as adviser, investors, Marketing, Financing or Developers send at [email protected]

team memeber

Coda R. Metwally

Founder & CEO
team memeber

Jermey R. Walker

ICO Adviser
team memeber

Milla ivanov

Market analysis specialist
team memeber

Sergey Chivilenko

ICO Adviser
team memeber

Christian Willmore

Financial adviser
team memeber

Melissa Robert

Marketing Adviser

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are most asked questions about Span Coin & Spanvent, if you have any more inquiry please don't hesitate to send us a mail at [email protected] careers page..

Span Coin is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain as ICO for Spanvent company.

Spanvent is a music and events agency with smart web application platform.

Spanvent is not restricted to any part of the world, the service will be available internationally. however marketing campaign will take turns in different countries.

Span Coin implementing bonus during ICO for 25% more coins in addition to a referal program with 10% bonus.

Span Coin is standing for project funding and company foundation of Spanvent, However Span Coin is entitled to give holder of the coin profit dividends.

Spanvent is real world business partially involved in blockchain, after few months of live project, Profit made by the company will be added to Smart Contract and announcement of profit withdrawal period will be announced on this website.

Span Coin is by itself a tradable coin in exchanges and market or you can transfer it to others, However Span Coin will be excessively used in Spanvent website to pay for products and services.

Products and Services on Spanvent will vary in categories and prices will be decided according to market coin rate starting from 10$ per coin(estimated price after 3 months of release).

No, you purchase Coins according to Rate and you are ready to go(trade-sell-buy- or pay on spanvent website).

Span Coin is first of its kind in the Crypto currency world, as the coin is considered a stock share holder, meaning that when you have Span Coins you will be considered investor in the company thus you are entitled to claim profit when released.

A) You must own more than 500,000 Coins to be eligable for profit claiming which is 1% of total coins released B) Times allowed for profit withdrawal will be announced on website, you cannot withdraw prior or after the dates limit C) You Coins will be frozen from sending to other wallets or accounts until withdrawal deadline is over, However you can still pay products and buy more Coins during that period

Span Company is always looking for talent candidates, send us a mail at [email protected]

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